Produkt ref pris, SEK (inkl.moms)
mask ecoline (CE-certified), 350 N FM-E 795
universal mask (CE-certified), 350 N AUM 970
universal FIE Inox mask (CE-certified), 1600 N AMI 1390
universal FIE Inox mask (CE-certified), 1600 N (Comfort plus) AMIC 1500
universal FIE Inox mask (CE-certified), 1600 N (Coloured) AMI-F 1465
universal FIE Inox mask (CE-certified), 1600 N (Comfort+,Coloured) AMIC-F 1575
FIE-Masken Säbel (CE-zertifiziert Niveau 2, 1600N)    
allstar electric sabre masks Inox FIE 1600N (V4A, Level 2) incl. connecting cable


allstar electric sabre masks Inox FIE 1600N "Comfort Plus" (Level 2) incl. connecting cable – Spare inside padding. AMIC-S 1665
FIE Sabre Mask 'Transparent' 1600N (CE level 2) with replaceable, transparent polycarbonat visor AMIS–T


Plastic mask for beginners (only to be used with plastic foil item PF) PM 395
Plastic foil with acoustic signal for beginners PF 345
ecoline CE-certified, washable FH-E 190
children´s, ecoline CE-certified, washable KFH-E 180
combi (grey/red) for foil/epee, CE-certified, washable AKH 285
combi "Gripstar" with anti slip, washable AKH-GS 355
combi "De Lux" AKH-DL 355
allstar sabre glove (grey / red) washable AKH-S 285
allstar electric sabre glove washabl FSH-E 385
master´s glove black, washable AKH-F 355
universal HHSV 365
sabre, grey/red, washable AKH-S 285
electric sabre glove, washable FSH-E 385
electric sabre cuff (size S-M-L), washable SM 275
electric sabre cuff (red/blue/gold), washable SM-F 305
adhesive spray for gloves TZ28 305
Wrist strap made of leather GR 90


Masks extra    
Spare inside padding. "Comfort Plus" MZC 160
Connecting cable.Sabre Mask MK 3,97 € MK 55
Spesiall Sabreband(gummi) AM-SSB 60
Service mask, 350N Latz-350 665
Service mask, AMI-1600N, florett/epee Latz-1600 785
Service mask, AMI-1600N, sabre-elekt. Latz-1600S 860